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Friday, 6 January 2017

2016-01-05 Port Pirie.

Every few weeks we go for ride/drive to Port Pirie to do some shopping and upon arriving we got see some things we don't usually get to see.

The lead smelter at Port Pirie (behind the ship) is going through an upgrade and as we approached the town we could not miss the white cranes towering above everything else in the area. Then as we neared the town harbour front we caught a glimpse of a red ship and made a mental note to check it out before leaving for home.

 We found a shady spot to park the bike while we had some lunch and since we were near the fishing jetty I walked over to take a photo of the red ship.

Another surprise was an incoming ship and some tug boats at the turn around point in the river. Ships often come in to be loaded at the smelters and are turned before berthing. We see these being loaded quite often but we have never been there when one is arriving. The Southern Flinders Ranges in the background.

To make this a triple big thing event I took a pic of the bike and trailer (just visible) in a shady car park space in front of the grain silos.

After our shopping was over we made our way to other side of the river via the causeway to take some pics before leaving for home.

This was one of those times we left the SLR camera at home and 200mm lense would have been a bonus but we had to make do with using the phones (Samsung S5 above and S7 below)

Hansa Heavy Lift ship details for those who maybe interested

Round trip from Peterborough to Port Pire is 216 km.

Map link

Thursday, 15 December 2016

2016-12-05 Eyre Loop

I managed to get some casual work at Kimba for this year's grain harvest and due to a quite period in the harvest I had a day off and went for a ride around Eyre Peninsula.

From Kimba I went South to Cleve and on to Arno Bay. A mostly straight road for about half the distance to Cleve but gets more curvy in the latter half as the road crosses a range of hills. With a couple advisory speeds of 35 k/h on a few bends just to keep us awake.

Onto Arno Bay though not the sunniest day to visit a coastal town and at 95km from Kimba a handy rest stop.

Then headed South along Lincoln Hwy to Tumby Bay where I made a right turn for Cummins.
I liked this road as it was mainly long sweeping bends across another range of hills with the highest hill top having the local TV transmission tower was placed.

At Cummins I stopped at the local Supermarket and then across the road/rail line to the take a way shop for lunch. While there I heard the sounds of a diesel engine and the 4 loco set stopped beside where I was sitting. They were dropping off some empty grain wagons for the silos at Cummins.

This one in an ex SAR (South Australian Railways) 830 class with the section in front of the cab modified.

Don't know about this one (yet) as I've never seen one before but it was the noisy one I heard. Probably ex Commonwealth/ANR.
This one is another ex SAR 830 class one and 50 plus years old. I was aged six (March 1962) when 850 came into South Australia.
850 in Cockburn March 1962 - photo dad took after it crossed the border. Dad says whole town came to have a look.

And this one, another one that I don't yet know about.
Cummins Take-a-way shop and they sold fuel as well so topped the tank as well.
As a child I lived here as well (dad worked in the railways).
Most of Eyre Peninsula has some form of grain growing so I stopped and took a pic of the bike in front of one of the paddocks. This is beside the Tod Hwy about 30km North of Cummins.

About 50km west of Kimba on the Eyre Hwy and looking Southwards you get to see this little hill called Caralue Bluff

A good time to try out the 200mm lens.

And along the road as well.

The way I went.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Western Australia Trip September 2016

Dad and I had a road trip to visit my sister who lives in suburban Perth WA.

We left my home in Peterborough SA on the morning of Thursday 8th September and spent a night camping before arriving at the SA/WA border the next day

BP Border Village

Took a picture of a B Triple road train while there
Dad's car at the WA/SA border sign.

 With two drivers we were able to cover more distance and stayed the night in a motel at Norseman. Between home and here we saw very little wildlife such as kangaroos which would damage a car though there were some dead ones every so often.
There were quite a few bikes in the motel grounds and the owner of the pictured bike said they were on their way to Canberra. In the room next to us was a bike rider and I took a pic of his.
Honda CTX1300

From Norseman we headed South to Esperance instead of the usual northern route via Coolgardie.

A brief rest stop at the foreshore

Leaving Esperance we went via the Twilight Beach Road which had views of the sea.

After a fuel stop at Ravensthorpe we stopped at Lake Grace before the final leg of our drive to Perth.

 Some of the ground cover plants

We arrived at my sister's place about 8pm on the 10th September. Within the last 150 km we did come across a few wallabies on the road that caused the driver (me) some heart failure but I stopped in time so all good.
On the 14th we took a suburban train trip to the Bassendean Rail Museum.
The V 1220 is one of the larger steam engines on display.
Left hand side

Inside the driving Cabin

Right hand side

On the Sunday the 18th we went to New Norcia Hotel where some of the WA members of Ozstoc ( ) were having lunch.

We began our return trip on Tuesday 20th September and arrived back home on Thursday evening about 9 pm.

On the return trip we went via Beverley and spotted this old plane in the main street.

 Next stop was Quairading and noticed some of the small trees in flower.

Two colours on the same one as well.

 Next is the view from Madura lookout

Last up is a whale statue which is located at Nullarbor Roadhouse.

The only other stops we made were at Ceduna for fuel and a late lunch with Port Augusta the last stop for fuel which would allow him to get home after taking me home.