Monday, 11 November 2019

2019-10-19 Morgan, South Australia

A few weeks ago we had a ride to Morgan and met some of our other OzSTOC members there for lunch. It was decided to meet in the park beside the Murray River which was where the terminal for old Adelaide to Morgan railway was placed.

From home to Morgan is about a two hour trip; maybe a little longer depending on how long we stop in Burra which is about halfway. Sometimes it's a brief rest stop and other times it's a meal


Route map

We were the first to arrive and with a little time to wait we had a quick look around and took a few pictures.

Tourist information centre located in one of the old rail buildings

Morgan used to also be a river port and I can only guess but I would say this was built as monument for those days and for the kids to play on.

The old paddle wheel steamer PS Canally is being restored

The old Morgan wharf.

There's also a small rail museum with some the rolling stock left in place.

One of the few ski boats on the river. This one is a skier recovery boat. The skier gets on the flat section in front of the motor and is taken back to shore or back to the boat they come from.

Looking across the river to the ferry. It's free and runs 24/7 and operated by the states highway department. One of members is on the ferry ramp; just right of the tree.

Our Honda ST1300A up front with the one behind arriving while we were taking pictures. Two different reds because they are made in different years.

Three more bikes arriving and they all came across on the ferry.

After the rest of our tribe arrived it was time to cross the park and find something to eat.

I think Fish and Chips was the most favoured meal of the day from the local cafe.

Sitting out side the cafe.

Looking across the park to all the bikes.

 Not long after lunch it was time for some to leave and before we left I took a few more pictures.

Near the park entrance is the remains an old turn table which was used to turn the steam engines around. Not so important these days as most diesel engines can be driven from either end.

The name of the park

Another view of the paddle wheel model plus one of the water towers used to fill the steam engine's water tank.

And a brick rail track as another monument to the past.

And the last of us are getting ready to leave. Total time away from home for us was nearly eight hours with half of that riding to and from.

Monday, 19 August 2019

17-08-2019 Cadell Ride.

This one of the few club rides were we didn't need to leave home to early; as if 9:00 am is anything but early.

Weather forecast people covered  themselves from rain to sunny skies just so the can take credit for getting something right. At home we had cloudy skies which cleared to a sunny day as we travelled to our destination 190 kilometres away.

Map link

Our first stop was at Burra which is not quite the mid point for this ride and a chance for some breakfast and a nature stop.

Our bike parked across the road from the town hall before went to the local BP to get something to eat and drink.

The Burra creek reserve is next to the car park (behind me) in the above image and a couple of local residents seem to be admiring the view.

After our hunger had been satisfied it was back on the road again and plain sailing across to Morgan were we need to cross the River Murray by ferry.

Looking back from were we go onto the ferry and about halfway across.

On the ferry with a newer model of our Ford Territory in front.

Only about 15 minutes away from our destination as we got off the ferry but sometimes a good day can be upset a little because a little way up the road we needed to slow for an accident scene.

One of our club members had come off his bike while trying to avoid a flock of birds. He was okay with only bruises and maybe a dislocated finger. He remembers braking and a patch of gravel which possibly caused the bike to slide out from underneath him.

Caudo Winery is where went to and here are some images of the place.

This looks like the shop for their wine sales with the kitchen area up there as well.

 Looking back towards the car park from our table there are some assorted fruit art.


The winery has access from the river as well with a small wharf for tour boats.

with various other boats anchored along the river bank.

On the other side of the river is a sand bank which would be nice place to lay in the sun and get burnt.

We were at the end of a row of sheltered tables

I did manage to get a couple of the bikes before we all left.

Not often I get Heather next to the bike.

On the way home we had brief stops at Morgan and Burra and after stopping at our local supermarket we arrived home at about 5:00 pm.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

16-03-2019 Robe Trip

Over the weekend of 16th/17th March 2019 we had a club ride to attend at Robe in the South East of South Australia.

To get there in time for the for the even meet up and dining we had to leave home at 7:00 am with an estimated arrival time of 4:00 pm.

On the road as planned at a slower pace than normal due to it just being near sunrise and not wanting to meet one of the local kangaroos that live around here. Just over an hour later we arrived at BP Burra for some breakfast ; nothing like a pie or pasty first thing in the morning.

Burra shopping area taken from the BP where we stopped

Our next stop was at Murray Bridge for fuel and KFC for lunch since it was fairly close to midday.

With both the bike and us fuelled up it was time to make tracks again and head for Meningie for brief rest stop. While there I noticed another club member's bike so I moved mine next to his and took a photo of the two bikes in front of The Big Pelican. Heather and John who came on his own are also in the picture.

Before Kingston there's a few granite rocks on the coast so we stopped there for a picture or two.

Looking South towards Kingston.

This the Robe hotel which I took from our last trip. We stayed there overnight on this trip and I forgot to get a recent image.

Some images taken from our room which overlooked the bay

Not seen is a boat harbour with the entrance between the trailer boat slip way and breakwater.

Close up of the above image.

Yacht at anchor

A couple paddling their canoes or kayaks

During the evening we had our OzSTOC meet up and meal which went well with 18 people being there. Just a general group shot.

With day one out the way it's now Sunday and on our way back home.

Before leaving robe we had a brief ride around some of the town before aiming for a next refuelling stop at Kingston. Even though we have a bike I still prefer a lower cost for the fuel if we happen to be going past a lower priced site.

It was a slower ride to Kingston because we had fog for most of the distance which for where we live in a rare event.

Our next stop was Salt Creek and unlike the sign on top of the roof was closed.

There's a replica oil rig here. In the 1850s some believed that they had found oil near here but were wrong and it was South Australia's first oil rig.

Our 2004 ST1300A

A photo stop here and one of the better places.

 Looking across to an island in the Coorong with the coastal strip of land behind it

This area was also set up with a few concrete tables and seats with the one nearest the road having a roof.

Looking a little more to the North

Time to get on the road again and head for Medindie so we could have some lunch.

While there I took this of one of our best food waste disposal units; more commonly know as a sea gull.

One of our white cockatoos - quite a few of them here in the surrounding gum trees.

A closer picture was also taken of the Big Pelican.

After we left here we had a stop at Murray Bridge for fuel another break at Cambrai.

Cambrai Rest Area

Across the road the local is the primary school complete with it's school bus.

On the foot path beside the school are some statues of a dog, a child and a man

Between here and home we had a brief rest stop at Burra which is about an hour from home.

Taken from the GPS (sat nav) we did 1,142 km or 709 miles total with an actual riding time of 14 hours or a moving average of 81.5 k/h or 50.6 mph.