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Saturday, 2 August 2014

2014 Wharfest Port Augusta

After a frosty start to the day this morning we put of leaving for Port Augusta until 10:30. By then the sun had warmed up the morning a little and it wasn't to bad for the 125 km ride over.

Not sure what the temp was outside but 1C was showing on our lounge room clock when my partner Heather crawled out of bed this morning. Our back yard this morning

We stopped in Orroroo for ten minutes to say "hello" to Heather's brother as he was there selling citrus.

At 12:10 we were at KFC Port Augusta for lunch and half an later down at the shopping centre car park for the Wharfest. I guess the name sounds better than Port Augusta show and it is held on the old shipping wharfs that are no longer used. Even the rail line is still place

I managed to find a place to park the bike.

Helicopter flights were quite popular but at $30 a person for a two minutes seemed a bit pricey considering two people a time means $60 for two minutes.

The helicopter take off/land point is behind us and we were starting the walk through the show area so I took so pictures as I went through.

Some farm animals making it a sort of kids zoo type event

A calf I think, Heather managed to pat it whatever it was.

Behind the lamb there is a piglet lying on the ground. This is the second shot as the owner walked in front of the camera (what's wrong with people these days) and then the lamb walked in front as I took this one so I left it at that. I just managed the shot before the female walked in front as well.

Our delightful boys in blue had a display as well

The Fire Brigade as well. SES (State Emergency Service) and Navy were in the same area.

The jet ski belonged to the coast guard

Coast Guard display

Looking back towards the emergency displays from the middle of the selling stalls

Towards show rides from above

The start of the side shows and rides and pictures say it better than I.

A large stuffed dog in the middle of the show stand

Heather liked the three coloured toy bears

I took a 10 second video of the above ride


This was the first time this ride was here. Usually see it in the city show but not a country one. Not to sure if I want to be upside down in something like that. The bridge behind crosses the top of the gulf. Head west (Left of pic.) to all points West (Perth) and North (Darwin). Go East for the opposite (East Coast and South to Adelaide)

When we got fed up with walking around we went to a couple shops before heading home. All up we did 259 km for the return trip and arrived home just after 4:00 pm  and even then the chill factor was starting to take effect the closer we got to home.

Going through Horrock's Pass on the way back home we caught up to a few cars that were behind an 18 wheeler and the last car couldn't even manage a RH bend without going over the centre line.

Ride Map