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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Winkler Park Saddleworth

Yesterday we had one of those "let's go for a ride" moments so we left for Saddleworth at about 10:30 am this morning.

Most of the 140km trip was ok but having a 60kph road work speed limit for about 30km slowed us down a little. Heading north just south of Terowie were quite a few cruisers of various makes and even some riders waved.

Winkler Park is about 2km south of Saddleworth and we arrived about 12:30 and rather park the bike in the car park and walk I took it over and parked next to one of tables.


It didn't take long to unpack the bike with what we needed for lunch either. As I took this Heather was trying to break her camera by taking one of me. The Galaxy Note 8 is on the dash shelf and is mounted with one of Samsung's mounts which is made for it.
Somehow this photo got taken with me behind the bike.
Then Heather wanted one taken as well. I moved the mount to the fake tank cover for the trip back home and it seems better there.
I loaded some music on the tab and tried out the little Bluetooth speaker that Heather got a freebie with her phone. I used a lead rather the pair the speaker with the tab. At 3 watts it's not what you'd call loud but good enough for around the table and inside a tent.
After lunch we packed everything up and went for a walk around the southern half of the park.
We managed to get a photo of one the parrots
and a red bottle brush just coming into flower.
and a wild pea. The only other flower in abundance was the sour sob.
The park is between the Barrier Hwy and the Gilbert River though up here it's more like a creek.

At about 3:30 pm we left for home via Clare so we could avoid the roadworks on the other road. It's about 10km further and with stopping at the supermarket in Jamestown we did it in about the same time and arrived home about 5:20 pm.

Our ride map. The new Google maps won't show the route we took the same as the old maps so here's the link

The little 8 inch tab performs 100% as a GPS using the SYGIC app. But it's being used as more than just a GPS. I have a fuel/maintenance/trip app called Driver Diary from Google Play installed on this one just for bike use and the same apps on our 10.1 tab for the car. Plus I can load music like I did for today and all in one item.