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Monday, 20 October 2014

18th October 2014 Port Broughton, South Australia

It looked like Saturday was going to present us with a wonderful day for riding so Friday afternoon I went down and added 7 litres of go juice to the tank. I had enough for the return trip so this was just insurance and it was better to spend local even if it wasn't needed.

As usual I checked Google Maps for possible routes there and back and settled on the most direct and confirmed the route in the Tab GPS function. The Way We Went

We left home at 9:20 and with a little turbulence from a northerly wind arrived in Port Broughton 1 hour and 45 minutes later and parked the bike next to the foreshore park. Here we are both relaxing in the shade. Yes the bike is in the sun but would be in the shade when it came time to leave.

I'm not to good this side of the camera and I checked the lens for any possible damage after Heather took the Photo.

The hotel being across the road from the park seemed a good idea to park the bike.

A southerly view of the park from were we were sitting.

And looking towards the end of the jetty were we would soon walk along.

Looking back towards the towns southern side

and the northern side

The half way point of the jetty where I took the photos from, with Heather making use of the provided seat.

Then we went back to the bike for a drink as we take our own because you never know what can happen to and from anywhere. Just as we got back to the park area Marty arrived and I pointed to where our bike was parked. Heather spotted a dog that looked like one of hers so it was off to speak with the owner for her. While that was happening we had a look at the tourist info board that was in the park.


and I also took a couple of photos of Marty's black Honda ST1300A which still looked as new as the day he bought it. Obvious extras are the MCS cruise, the heated grips, sheepskin seat cover and the top case mounting plate.

His aftermarket mufflers

After chatting for a little while Marty went for a cruise around the town while we went for a walk up the main street to where Heather spotted a couple plants outside a dress shop. I waited outside and took a couple of photos (below). In that rack of clothes (in the picture) was an item that looked (from the colours) like a skirt that Heather had bought when we overnighted In Glendambo on our way back from The Alice in the mid 90s. I pulled it out of the rack and showed Heather but rather than being a skirt: it was a dress but exactly the same colours and pattern. What's old is new
Looking west after Heather came out of the shop

And North looking up a side street

And East: just up the road is a café/coffee shop

As we got back to the bike Marty pulled up which was good timing. Just after putting the plant in the side case we walked up to the hotel as it appeared we three would be the only ones there. Surprisingly we all ordered fish and chips and for $15.50 we got this. The price included the salad bar ($4 on it's own) which I never used.

 A little before 2:00pm we left the hotel but Heather decided to go and get another $2 tomato plant before walking back to the bikes so I had to make sure that one survived the trip home as well. I did take a photo of both the bikes but in my rush I forgot to wait for the cam to focus so that shot is no good to post. About 2:10 we parted company for the day and we arrived home at about 4 pm

All up for the day we rode 259kms over 3.5 hours which included one unplanned stop on the way back home. Some how I managed to get an insect crawling around the lens of my sunnies and no Tomato Plants were harmed on the return trip.