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Monday, 26 January 2015

11th January 2007 Cape Jervis

Here's a little day trip we did about 8 months after buying the Honda ST1100A.

We used to live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide back then and sometimes we'd head south along the coastal road and end up at Cape Jervis. We were lucky this trip and caught one ferry leaving for Kangaroo Island and another one arriving. Route Map

A few of these wind turbines just before we get to the little town by the sea.

 As we arrived at one of the car parks near the ferry terminal we saw the SeaLink ferry leaving for Kangaroo Island. It's not often we get to see one in port  and we were lucky to get there when we did.
The one above had just cleared the sheltered harbour when I saw the sister ferry heading into port. We've never seen one in port before and seeing two at the same time is a bonus.

One leaving and the one arriving in front. When arriving they need to sail past the entrance to the harbour and line up
Made the turn and making way for the entrance.  Notice the white water in the surrounding waters; it's windy so lining it up with the entrance might be tough on windier days.

The entrance is only just wider than the ferry and they come in under minimal power: just enough to make headway.

The other one is well on its way

These ferries load/unload from the stern so they need to swing around and back in. Made easier with bow and stern thrusters I'm sure.

You can just see one of the ropes on front and tied off as the last few feet can be done with the on board winches

There is only one road into and out of Cape Jervis and on the way out we stopped in at the look out. Kangaroo Island can be seen on the horizon.
The road into the town taken from the look out.

 Heather and  I beside the bike.