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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

17th January 2016 Balaklava

It wasn't a bad run from Home to Balaklava as far as temps go (less than 30C). Having decided to continue on to Adelaide and stay overnight with a friend we had the trailer to carry the sleeping gear plus the Esky to bring back some shopping. Travel time was just over two hours riding non-stop for the 166 km run.

From left; Richo, Chris, Pete & Fish

From left; two of Richo's friends (Josie and John) and Heather with Pete on right of pic.

Josie and John's BMW which Heather and Chris sat in.

Heather in the BMW (courtesy of Pete)

Our club's state flag photo with the hotel in the background. (another from Pete) Thank you.

From left; Richo, Alan, John, Heather, Chris. Fish and Pete

Bike shot 1

My Blue ST1100A and two red ST1300s behind it.

The 4 bikes from left; my blue ST1100A towing a trailer, a black Harley then two red ST1300s

One of the few spots of green we saw on a trip was in front of the hotel

The to Adelaide section of the trip saw us pass through where the recent fires were. Most of the road side trees had been burnt to some degree but many would survive but most of the area is farming (wheat etc.) and in some places it was like riding through a sandy desert. We also went through some of this on a our return trip as the area of the fire was so large. We arrived at a friends place about 4:15pm.

Monday was a slower return trip with a couple of stops for fuel and food and two rest stops (points on the map) and arriving home about 5:15 pm.

My digital cam's battery door catch is broken so I had to use my Galaxy S4 to take a few pics. Inside ones weren't that good but the outdoor shots were heaps better.

Our to/from Adelaide route