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Saturday, 9 April 2016

9th April 2016 Trip to Robe South Australia

Some of our ride to Robe after the 7:50am start for the 560 km (350 miles) route. To early for breakfast before leaving so our first rest stop an hour later was the BP at Burra for Breakfast.

Our route there and back apart.

Next stop was Sedan where I took some pictures.

The rest area in town

What was once the town water supply
Church Building

An old plough located in the church grounds with a bell beside it.

The local supermarket
The ever faithful Honda ST1100 having her rest as well

A stop at Murray Bridge for fuel was next before the lunch stop at Tailem Bend. Rather than buy take-away we bought our own with us this time
One of the Tailem Bend rest stops. I took this just before we left for a photo stop at Kingston S.E.
The Big Lobster (it has seen better days) at Kingston S. E.
We arrived at the Sea Vu Caravan Park ,  Robe just before 5:00 pm, set the tent up and inflated the air bed before a walk to the Robe Hotel for dinner/tea
Being an outing for our motorcycle club dining was in the company of several members plus some friends who attended. All of us were at the hotel for about 3 hours with 13 of us at our table. I've posted the basic info on the club website . By midnight we were all in dreamland.
There was some rain overnight and though I didn't get wet some of the bedding on my side got damp. In the morning a photo of the rain system that had gone past and of our campsite with a red ST1300 in the foreground. Not sure if I mentioned or not but the camera time was still on summer time so an hour needs to be take off the photo time.

 Before leaving Robe I took some more pics.
Two views of the Robe Hotel were we had the evening meal

 Looking across to the boat ramp and the entrance of the boat harbour 
On the way home I detoured to Cape Jaffa and parked in front of the swimming area which part of a marina development.
To my left was catamaran - looks big enough to live on.

Being a new camera and for Heather I took some flower shots as well to tryout a couple of close up shots.

Fuel for us (breakfast) and for the bike were next on the list at Kingston before retracing our route back home.
Meningie was a rest stop and this little piece of history came to light.

Heather and I

Another stop at Tailem Bend to take the Rhino which is advertising for the Monarto Zoo

The only way to cross the river from Tailem bend is by ferry. It's free and runs 24/7 and is run by the state Dept. of Transport.

View of the River Murray

Looking North West

And South

One more stop for fuel at Murray Bridge and a visit to a supermarket and we were on our way home at which we arrived at 6:30 pm after a total of 1130 km. (700 miles).