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Saturday, 28 July 2018

2018-07-18 My First Ride On a Honda ST1300A

After buying an ST1300A which was located in Mandurah WA I needed to get it back home again. I flew from Adelaide to Perth and spent the night with my sister.
I took a few photos at the airport and I think this one was the best. One landing while one on the taxi way which is the same type as I flew on.

Some of Glenelg taken just after take off.

I was met at the airport by one of our bike club members who took me meet some other Western Australia members at a local McDonalds. Then taken to my sister's place who took me to pick the bike up at Mandurah on Wednesday morning.
Before I left for home I called into the local Mandurah Forum shopping centre for a few food related items that I would need along the way.
Day 1

Start time 10:12 am WA time at Mandurah Forum 
 The plan was to ride from Mandurah to Norseman via Pingelly and hook up with The Great Eastern Hwy at Kellerberrin with an overnight stop at Norseman
All was well until the phone battery started to die a little earlier than expected and I was without GPS for the rest of the way to highway.
This where the route changed a little as I made a wrong turn and had to back track about 10km and I made it into the first rest stop Pingelly.
I saw the road to Corrigan sign posted which was heading in the right direction,

then Bruce Rock

an onto Merredin to fuel up the bike and connect up the Hwy East towards home. Another fuel stop at Coolgardie and onto Norseman for an overnight at the BP Eyre motel.
Motel room with Queen bed just for me.
Finish time 8:02 pm WA time at Norseman
Day 2
Thursday 19/07/2018
Start time 8:07 am WA time at Norseman 
I fuelled up at the Caltex in town and made tracks for Balladonia Roadhouse about 190km East.

A B triple fuel tanker was delivering fuel and I would see this one again later in the day.

The larger trees begin to dwindle a few kilometres after Balladonia and apart from a few places along the highway the surrounding country side is much the same as the next lot of pictures show.

Not far away is the Western start of our longest straight section of road. A lot more trees along this section and plenty of places to free bush camp beside the road.

Next fuel stop was Caiguna at the Eastern end of the straight.

Mining vehicle was just loaded before I arrived and still being tied down while there. The fuel tanker I saw at Balladonia was also off loading fuel here. Rear of last trailer above the red car.

 Fairly well straight sailing from here to Madura where I stopped at the lookout before going down the side of what was once a cliff face.

The ancient seabed that is now a vast coastal plain. The Southern Ocean is about 40 km (25 miles) due South from here.
About centre of the photo you can see the road as it turns to the East.
 It was just on dark by the time I got to Eucla which is where the road climbs back up the old cliff face. A few kilometres further on and the cliffs of the Great Australia Bight become evident. 
 After topping the tank I moved onto Border Village (South Australian side of the SA/WA border) where I had planned to stay the night but all accommodation was booked out. So it was onto Nullarbor for the night.

A rushed phone picture of the bike parked next to the whale statue at Nullarbor.

 Finish time 7:35 pm WA time at Nullarbor Roadhouse

Day 3.

Bike in front of the room at Nullarbor while getting ready to leave for the final days ride home.

 Originally I planned to ride from Border Village to home in Peterborough but now from Nullarbor taking the days ride down distance to about 800km.

I missed the sign for the Western end of the plain due to darkness but made sure I stopped for the Eastern side. Though the Nullarbor Plain (Treeless Plain) is very large the highway crosses only a small part of it about 30 km at most.

Next along the road for me is the old Yalata Roadhouse which at one time was run by the local aboriginal community a few km north of the highway.

A quick stop at Nundroo and then Penong for Fuel. I made Ceduna at around lunch time local time and had an hour's break here. Took a few photos and walked about half the length of the jetty.

A short way of the beach were some Shags on the rocks.

Nice to see some green after a day or two of brown

On the move again after lunch with a stop for photos at Wudinna.

The Australian Farmer statue.

Looking back to the towns grain silo complex.

Sturt Desert Peas were growing in the monument's garden

One more stop for fuel and photos of the recently (2017) painted silo at Kimba.

I just arrived at Kimba as the rain was passing and with the sun behind a rainbow was the result and to large for one picture.

 A little while later I was in Port Augusta to fuel me up. Hungry Jacks at the new On The Run and then on towards home which for us is often the worst for meeting skippy (kangaroo) and friends.

 A little different this night as I only saw two living roos about 15km before Orroroo. These were the only two I saw since the start of the trip. It was also the coldest part of the trip with temps down 2C just after I took the one with 3C.


Eventually arrived back in Peterborough as I kept the speed down to about 75 kph for the last 25km because of the cold. Heated gloves are on the to do list.

Ride Dates: 18-20 July 2018
Bike: 2004 Honda ST1300A
Distance: 2716 km Odometer/ 2661 km  Google
Departure Town: Mandurah
State: Western Australia
Destination: Peterborough

State: South Australia
The way home -
Day 1 - The first 24 hours from start time

Day 2 - The second 24 hours.

 Day 3 - The last day.