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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Mount Bryan, South Australia, 2nd June 2012

Since we moved to Peterborough about September 2010  we've only ever stopped at Mount Bryan which is about 70 kms south from here as a rest stop. About September 2011 I noticed a turbine blade lying on the ground. There are quite a few wind farm turbines in the area but not usual to see a blade just laying there. Since then the blade has been mounted as a display and on the 2nd June 2012 we went for a ride just to get some pics.

The trip took about 30 mins with a not to exciting speed of around 100km. Temperature was a coolish 15 degrees C but not that cold compared to the nights around here this time of the year.

On the way there we also spotted a  police car (female driver on her own) which is the only one I've seen on this section of road in over two years. The picture shows the typical patrol car for south Australia.

Returning back home I upped the speed a little to 120kph (GPS 110) and caught an 18 wheeler which was a fraction slower than me and I passed that rather quickly. I like the 1100, no gear change, just a little throttle and your away just like that.

The route from home to Mount Bryan and back.

Mt Bryan is now a small community with outlying farms that produce cereal, cattle, sheep and famous merino sheep studs. Once a booming rail town, the railway site has been transformed into a beautiful roadside park, with a playground for the kids, and historical displays

The first picture shows all that is left of the Station platform with the crane that would have been used to lift heavy goods.

Some shots of the my ST1100A in front of the Turbine Blade

The next shot just shows the road heading north under the blade.  That's the way to and from home.

My partner Heather standing at the other end of the blade.

And me standing next to the bike next to the blade.

Some of the wind farm near Mount Bryan, the blades don't seem so large when viewed from afar