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Sunday, 3 March 2013

My Bike and Trailer

The bike is a 1999 Honda ST1100 which has ABS, Traction Control (TCS) and Combined Brakes (CBS). It was bought used in May 2006 with 11,500kms on the clock and was previously owned by a female rider aged in her mid 40's.

Fuel tank is 28 litres including 4 litre reserve. Average fuel usage 17.0kms/litre giving about 475km range and usually 400kms until reserve light comes on.

The seat and the screen have been replaced aftermarket spares as the OEM needed replacing. The screen is 10cm taller to allow the air flow to pass over the top rather than at eye level. The seat is a Saddlemen Gel which was imported from the US.

An RJays top case has been added and has been fitted to an OEM rack
A Classic Industries towbar and wiring was the first thing done 2006 as I tow a trailer when ever on tour or for shopping/fishing trips.

Driving lights were fitted in a tempory location under headlight have now been removed in readiness for a HID driving light upgrade planned for late 2013. The wiring has been relocated into the indicator/mirror housings in readiness for the driving light to be fitted above the mirrors.

A 12 volt power supply is another option that I added which will also be upgraded to a dual sockets and located on my dash shelf which has been removed so the wiring can be fitted.

A hand made goat skin for added comfort as also been fitted.

Bike specifications below trailer details.

Classic Trailer - Mini Tourer

My current trailer which we bought in January 2011 was made in 1988 by Classic Industries, Queensland, Australia. The maximum rated weight that it can carry is 200kg.

I 've also upgraded the tail-lights to LED and found a set that matched the OEM lights exactly. The trailer also had amber clearance lights and I upgraded them to LED amber/red as well. 

Bike Specificacations

Engine Liquid-cooled 4-stroke 16-valve DOHC 90° V4
Bore x Stroke            73 x 64.8mm
Displacement            1,084cm3
Compression Ratio    10 : 1

Carburettors 34.5mm CV-type x 4
Max. Power Output 100PS/7,500rpm (DIN) (74kW/7,500min-1)
Max. Torque 11.3kg-m/6,000rpm (DIN) (111Nm/6,000min-1)
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorised with electronic advance
and Traction Control System (TCS)
Starter Electric
Transmission 5-speed
Final Drive Enclosed shaft with integrated dampers

Dimensions (LxWxH) 2,285 x 935 x1,405mm (with Panniers)
Wheelbase 1,555mm
Seat Height 800mm
Ground Clearance 145mm
Fuel Capacity 28 litres
Wheels Front/Rear Hollow-section triple-spoke cast aluminium


Front 120/70–ZR18
Rear 160/70–ZR17


Front 43mm air-assist fork with TRAC, 150mm axle travel
Rear Single-side conventional damper with adjustable pre-load and rebound, 120mm axle travel


Front 296mm dual hydraulic disc with Combined three-piston callipers,
ABS and sintered metal pads
Rear 296mm hydraulic disc with Combined three-piston calliper,

ABS and sintered metal pads

Dry Weight 297kg


Since this post was published on the 03/03/2013 I have upgraded some things on my bike.

First up was a high level LED brake light which was mounted on the top case.

Next up was the addition of a dash shelf and a 12 volt dual socket mounted to that.

Today I replaced the rear shock with a 465-1128 Progressive Shock.

The old and new shock

The new shock mounted in the bike

From the rear

24th June 2014

In the last few weeks I've replaced the top case with a slightly larger one from Third Gear. My old tyres also get filled with potting mix and flowering plant seeds which is one way of recycling them.

This case never came with a pillion back rest so I took the one of the old case and put it on.

I also added some saddlebags to the side cases. This is the right hand one with my seat cover in as well. During this time of year being winter I put the seat cover in the side case so it doesn't get wet.

The LH side case has some minor damage so I added some reflective stickers until I can replace the whole case. The red area on the top case is also a reflector.

5th April 2015
I recently replaced the left hand side case which was  damaged quite sometime ago so the red reflectors in the above picture are no longer there.
Over the 2015 Easter weekend I replaced the black panel that surrounds the gauges as well as the clear gauge lens. Both item suffered from heat stress while I was living in the Port Hedland/Karratha region which is in the north-western part of Western Australia.
Next up is the 4 inch HID driving light install that was also done.
The dash shelf shown in an earlier picture has also been removed for a redesign to reduce the size and weight.
My trailer also had a shelf/tray made out of 1.5 mm aluminium tread plate and put on the draw bar to carry our ice box.

 In March 2016 I replaced the dash shelf and installed Phone and GPS mounts and remounted to the dual 12volt power supply.