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Sunday, 28 April 2013

28th April 2013, Bundaleer Forest, South Australia

It a nice sunny day (third one in a row) so we went for a ride to Bundaleer State Forest this afternoon and stopped off for lunch at the take away in Jamestown which is 40 kilometres from home in Peterborough.

We normally go to the take away every two weeks on a Sunday for lunch and then call into the supermarket on the way back home.

Route Map

Our Honda ST1100A parked across the road from the take away.

Heather went for a short walk to check out some shops and found a pole to lean on.

A shot of the picnic area with the bike just visible in the centre of the picture. 

Part of the walk that we followed.

 I saw some of the bike. From where this taken there's a creek (no water) behind the bike but you can't see it.

This log looks like it has been placed so it could be walked on to cross the creek. Not sure of the length but 10 metres is a good estimate and 2 metres to the creek bed under the log.

Further up the path from the log location.

A Cadillac that was parked a little way up from our table. In 1978 I  nearly bought an earlier one of these as everyone was getting rid of the big cars during the oil crisis back then.

Heather took one of the bike and me. I'm amazed that the camera still works when ever I get my photo taken. Also this is the first time in seven years we have actually used the helmet holders on the bike. We would either carry them or put them in the side cases.

This was our third visit to the forest. Last year I took these of a few metal sculptures which are on a another walk in the forest.

They even have a swing on a metal sculpture of a tree though not suitable for use. Typical style of swing some would have had in their back yard in years gone by.