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Monday, 10 June 2013

Jamestown Lunch Ride

I normally wouldn't put this little 40 km ride in as we do it at least once every two weeks.

About 11:30 this morning we decided to go to the supermarket at Jamestown and also stop off at the cafe for a bite to eat before heading back home but we had to get fuel before we went.

Just as we were about to turn into the servo I noticed a group of bikes with sidecars fueling up. Most were ready to get on their way and some leaving so I grabbed a couple shots of the remaining  few.

All but the blue one in the pics were still there as we left. All were Urals as it turns out.

Half an later we're at the Jamestown supermarket then down to the cafe. I took this photo while sitting on a seat across the road. Just after this an older guy asked us about the bike etc. We mentioned a few things about the bike, towing the trailer and our club.

On the way back and about 10 kms to go two bikes passed us in the little town of Yongala (coldest place in SA, usually). Both were Hondas, not sure of the first one except that it was all red. The second one looked like the one of the newer VFRs but not sure what size.