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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Hallet Wind Farm

On 6th October 2013 we went for our usual ride to the take-away in Jamestown for lunch. While there we also visit the supermarket as well before going for lunch.

 Our route with stops marked for the take-away, where we took the generator pics and Hallet where we turned for our way back home.

This is the café located on the main street

After lunch we took the longer way home via Hallet and this time I had our older digital cam so I could get some photos as along this road we can get close enough to a couple of generators to do so. The only issue I had was with this little cam is that on a sunny day its very hard to see what's on the view screen so most of the shots were guessing and hoping I got something.

I was lucky with this one and the whole generator in one shot. Also close enough to hear the sound of the wind as the blades spin. We need to make another trip and get it on video as well.

The next shot shows the bike in front of the above picture. It wasn't until I got home that I didn't get the whole scene in.

To the left of where we stopped you can see a few for more generators. The wind farm is on both sides of the road and it's a safe bet to  say the land is still being farmed around them and there's sheep grazing as well.

This a better shot of the dam and the sheep seen the above picture. It's also spring here and it's still green from the winter rainfall but it won't be long and it'll dry off.

This is Heather and the bike

So that's our little ride of about 140 kms (96 miles)