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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Overland Corner Hotel RTE/ Lake Bonney Overnighter

What was originally going to be a day ride over to the Overland Corner Hotel turned out to be a little different than it was planned to be. My dad was going to meet us at the hotel but he was unable to make it so our day trip turned into an over night stop.

Our route map

On Wednesday (13th November) it was decided that we would load up the trailer and camp beside Lake Bonney at Barmera after our clubs RTE at the hotel. I spent a couple days organising what to put in the trailer and that the tyre air pressures were ok. The bike’s tyres were also checked as they hadn’t been done for a couple weeks.

Saturday morning came and at 8:50 am we left home and headed off towards Burra for a drink and stopped in a rest stop just out of town. The first hour and 90 kms down the road was done. 

Heather standing beside the trailer.

Another 81 kms to go to Morgan and plenty of time to do it in and back on the road by 10:10am and 50 minutes later we stopped on Fourth Street Morgan to wait for the group coming up from the city (Adelaide).

Whilst waiting for the riders from Adelaide we noticed a few bikes come into town from the way we had come in. There were seven or eight bikes, a couple Harleys, a couple BMWs, one red ST1300 and a couple other bikes that I didn’t take much notice of. One of the members of this group was already an OzStoc member but he’d bought his car with the bike’s camper trailer in tow. It turns out this group of riders were from the Mallee Branch (Riverland area) of the Ulysses Club and they were on their way to Jamestown.

Some of the group that travelled up from Adelaide

 At midday we all left for the RTE destination at Overland Corner 68kms away.

I never managed to catch up with every one that turned up but we had a total of 11 bikes and 15 people turn up. Seven ST1300s, 2 ST1100As, I Harley and 1 BMW. Of the people, 12 were from SA, 2 from Victoria and 1 from NSW.

The hungry mob at that the table

 After the meal I took some pictures of the bikes in the hotel car park before they headed off on their various routes home and Heather and I headed for our camp site beside the lake.

I almost forgot to get the flag shot

This ones better.

Two Honda ST1300's that arrived earlier than the rest of us. The owner of one on the right had completed an IBA ride the night before after having ridden from NSW

 Just a few pictures of our camp site beside Lake Bonney where we had a SE wind for all the time we were there. Dad did manage to visit us for a little while.

On Sunday morning we packed everything back in the trailer and headed for our fuel stop at Waikerie. Coles Express is there and we had an 8 cent per litre discount voucher so might as well use it. For the 298.9 kms we’d ridden from home the bike took 19.56 litres or 15.28K/L which for a loaded trailer and two riders is quite good.

After Waikerie we went on the road south of the River Murray to Morgan where after crossing the ferry we stopped at the bakery and bought a pie for Heather and a pasty for me.

 An hour later we were in Burra and as we entered the town the group of bikes we’d seen the day before in Morgan were just leaving. We parked at the rest stop in town and while there I took a couple pics of what I could see.

Bridge across the creek. Normally has some water but emptied to take out the rubbish.

Burra Art Gallery

Burra Town Hall

Burra Rest Stop

Looking towards the main street shopping area

 A couple on a BMW went passed and a few minutes later came back and stopped beside us. They wanted to know about the trailer but thought it was a camper trailer. No, we’re not that rich, we put a tent up instead. Of all the Beemers we saw over the weekend all but one were tourers with boxer motors and one was a GS.

We were in Burra for about 45 minutes before leaving for the uneventful final 88 kms home were we arrived at just after 1:00pm. It is 207.5 kms from Waikerie to home the way we went so all up we did 506.4 kms for the trip.

This was also the first trip we’ve had with the trailer after replacing the rear shock. The initial setting of 3 on the rebound for the Progressive shock seemed ideal for the load we had and two riders.