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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre Peterborough, South Australia

This morning (1st December 2013) we went on what was one of our shortest rides ever. The local rail museum had their open day for cost of $2.00 so both Heather and I decided that after living in Peterborough for the last three years that it was about time we visited the place.

Peterborough is one of two places in the Southern Hemisphere where three different rail gauges can still be seen.

History of  The Peterborough Railway Division

In the car park

500 Class Diesel

 Driving Controls

 Several shots showing the engine system.

Three cylinder air compressor up front.

 Front of the motor showing drive shaft to the compressor

 500 horsepower turbocharged 4 cylinder diesel engine

 Rearward of the engine is the generator which supplies power to the traction motors.

South Australian T class steam engine

Various rail vehicles used by the ganger crews for track maintenance. Most were able to be lifted off the rails by the workers so the line could be kept clear to allow trains to continue to run.


1938 Morris inspection car.

Used for track inspection and also used to deliver pays for workers at various rail stations when needed.

This carriage is used for a light show and sits on a triple gauge turn table

The control position for the turn table and you can see the different rail gauges eith side of the steps

A sample of the different track gauges used in South Australia

Inside one of the Club Cars

A cabin in one of the sleeper cars

Inside a Mothers and Babies Health Service car.

Accommodation for the nurse