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Sunday, 23 July 2017

2016-06-25 Paringa

On any other day this cold I would have stayed in bed for a little longer but we had this ride to do. Not impressed when I turned the PC on and saw the current temp in Peterborough was 0c but a little warmer than a 100kms away at Yunta which had -0.5c.

We had a frost overnight and the bike was covered in ice which a little warm water soon got rid off.

and a hint of low lying cloud across the road behind the old folks home but otherwise a sunny start to the day.

On the road at 9 am on the way to Burra for our usual rest stop which we just passed by and headed straight to Morgan where we stopped instead. Got held up for 10 minutes with some road works near Monash otherwise we had good run and arrived at 12:20pm.

Took these of our group inside - we had the place to ourselves

and the bikes; 4 x 1100s and 4 x 1300s

I had to cross the road for this one

On the way home I topped the tank worked out that we averaged 18.6 k/l (16.55 litres) from home to  Paringa and back to Renmark. Another brief stop at Morgan and we arrived home just after 6:00pm.