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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

2017-05-28 Globe Hotel Yongala

This was our bike club meet and only few turned up and thanks to mikep and his son Alan, Bodø Glimt, Heather and her daughter Tammie for attending.

We weren't sure what the day was going to be like with some rainfall forecasted during the day. I had to take Heather over and then ride back to Peterborough to pick up Tammie and no rain. The girls were returned the same way after the RTE but riding back to pick Heather up I had about 9 km of rain (just as well we had our wet gear) and no rain with Heather on board for the last trip back home.

Not far from home this one

The hotel's wood fired heater based on a steam engine.
We had some live music as well
Mikes Honda ST1100 under cover, my 1100 and then Bodø's Kwaka (Kawasaki) all got washed while we were inside.

From left around the table are Tammie, Bodø, Mike, Alan and myself. Heather took the photo's 
Taken across the road from the hotel. Heather was getting her wet gear on so I took this while I was waiting.
A couple of days before this the speedo drive cable failed so I need to get a new one and in the meantime I use a speedo app on the phone