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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

2017-06-25 Ride to Clare, South Australia

We had ride to Clare so I could collect a new screen for my bike from one of our bike club members who lived in Adelaide. Clare is about halfway between home and the city which suited both Richo and myself.

Route map

The speedo cable that I ordered still had not arrived but Google Play had a few apps I could choose from so I downloaded the free version of DS Speedometer and it looks like this on my phone. It also gives maximum speed and average speed as well.

There's a public toilet with a car park at the northern end of the main street so we made that the meeting point.

After the screen was collected and we'd parted company Heather and I walked to the local bakery for something to eat.

After we got back home I took another pic of our fancy speedo. Average speed dropped because we stopped off at the Foodland supermarket in Jamestown.

The old lightly tinted screen which I bought in the later half of 2010 looks remarkably like the clear one I just collected. You can see the crazing that has happened and why wanted a new screen.
The new screen was fitted a few days later and I have a much view for the times I need to see through the screen