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Sunday, 13 August 2017

2007-02-28 Across The Nullarbor

I've done a few trips across the Nullarbor; four return trips by car and 4 with my Honda ST1100A and this one of them. I take a camera on every trip but like some of us I forget to use it most of the time.

This trip is a must do once in a life time trip for most, if not all of us. The road is well serviced with roadhouses which all have accommodation available. There's also the option to free camp in one of many rest areas near or beside the road.

For more info on the Eyre Highway I've added a link to Wikipedia about the road.

This bay is located in a small coastal park called Wittelbee Conservation Park just south of Ceduna.

This shows the small bay shown in the middle of the picture above. I climbed down the twenty feet to the water and went swimming there in the afternoon and before I left the next morning.

It was to hot to put the fly over the tent and with no one else around I left it off until just before dark.

The next morning I woke up to this at 6:00 am

A little while later I crawled out of the tent and found everything covered in dew. You will notice a fire place behind the trailer......I never needed it as it was middle of summer.

After everything had dried out and was packed up I called into to Ceduna to refuel the bike, top up food supplies I had used. Need to take care of what you buy here as the WA quarantine station is at the border

I stopped by the water front and took a couple pics. This the best showing the fishing jetty.

And more of sea front

After leaving Ceduna I stopped at a rest stop or two mainly to exercise the legs and take in fluids. Some riders have a camel pack so they are able to drink on the go but I prefer to stop walk around a little.

The next photo stop is the start of the actual Nullarbor Plain from the South Australian side. Note the trailer is my first one and slightly smaller than my current white one. The sign is about 277 km west of Ceduna.

The highway only crosses a small section the actual Nullarbor Plain with Nullarbor Roadhouse at about mid distance.Wikipedia says different but the highway mostly follows the southern boundary of the plain and within the tree line.

Generally though when we cross the Nullarbor it means the 1200 km distance between the two major towns at either end. Ceduna and Norseman.

Along the road a little further is.

The Great Australian Bight Marine Park covers the strip of land between the highway to the coast and beyond and along the coast to the SA/WA Border. There are several photographic view points along the way and sometimes you can just park beside the road as I did.

All the nice blue water is the The Southern Ocean; next stop due south is Antartica

The next two of pictures are taken from the lookout and looking East above the Madura Roadhouse in Western Australia. Just after the SA/WA border the road goes past Eucla and down onto a coastal plain.  It's possible a few thousand years ago this could have been under water. At Madura the road climbs back up which might have been an ancient cliff face.

Pictures were taken along the road shown blue in the following image

which was but a small part of an overall trip of 4662 km (2909 miles) from Adelaide SA to Port Hedland WA via the coast.