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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

2017-08-13 BYO RTE Burra Gorge, Worlds End SA

It was suggested last year that we should add a picnic type RTE (ride to eat) to this year's ride calendar and Burra Gorge was added.

We had planned to go on the Saturday with the bike and camp for the night but Tammie (Heather's daughter) wanted to go as well so the car was used for this trip. I did offer to put Tammie in the trailer but her response can not be stated here; at least I'm still here.

Our Car - 2005 Ford Territory

Nice and green landscape this time of the year instead of the usual brown tones

Not quite spring but some wildflowers starting to bloom

At least some riders still manage to ride in our cooler winter temps; the day was a little warmer than usual for this time of year.
From left are Cherie, Tammie, Lucy, Heather, Marty and John

Somehow my camera survived the experience with me in the shot.

Our way there and back.